How it Works

Do you feel overwhelmed at the mall?

Do you have limited time to shop?

Do you want to maximize your shopping budget?

Do you want to expand your personal style but don't know where to start?

Welcome to My Style Suite, we're so happy you found us! We offer expert-guided styling sessions around Westfield Southcenter.

We know the mall can feel stressful and confusing. You need an expert shopping buddy, a true style ninja who knows the mall like the back of her hand and can help you find the very BEST outfits and items in a flash. 

Our stylists aren't salespeople and they don't work for any store, their only job is to help you style great outfits, find the best deals, step outside your comfort zone and honestly/kindly help you get out of the mall feeling successful and happy. 

It's easy: Request an appointment online. Our Stylist Director will contact you and book you with an expert. You'll fill out a short style quiz, and your expert will plan your outing. You'll arrive at My Style Suite, we'll get you a coffee, and you'll spend up to 2 hours zipping around the mall. 

To end your session, you have the option to choose a complimentary, exclusive 30 minute Style Booster experience with one of our Westfield partners. 


"I just had the most incredible shopping trip of maybe my entire life! My stylist Jessica took me to 3 stores in about 90 minutes, and it was like magic. We found so many great things and she saved me money by saying things like, 'Don't get that, I know where you can get something even better for less.' Music to my bargain hunter ears!" A.F.


"OMG, what just happened? In 2.5 hours I found a great look for a wedding I'm going to--we're talking dress, shoes, necklace and a jacket--for less than what I normally pay for one thing. AND I got the perfect yoga pants I've been searching for ON SALE. And a blazer I'll probably wear to work every single day. Then, I got a facial, and learned a whole new way to do my make-up that makes me look years younger. I'm telling you, better than a spa day." B.D.

"I decided to try this when I was shopping alone and overheard one of the stylists working with another lady in the fitting room next to me. They were laughing and having so much fun, while I was feeling like garbage. I got in the very same week, and now I'm the one having fun at the mall. I love my new clothes!" F.O.

"This makes a great gift. I got this for my wife, because it seems like she goes to the mall every week but comes home with nothing but a sad face. She had the best time, actually bought stuff (she spent even less than the budget we talked about), and best of all, she said, 'I'm done shopping for awhile." Mission accomplished!" R.W. 

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